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PVC windows, roller shutters

The range of plastic profiles of the IDEAL INTERTEC series offers the possibility to impart individual shape. Depending on the building’s nature one can select between the frame and sash versions lying in the same plane and the version with the planes shifted against each other.

Various widths of visible surfaces and different construction depths (from 50 to 80 mm) together with a wide range of additional profiles make it possible to find an individual solution for a given facility.

Thanks to the technical advantage of all profile systems, compatible with each other (six types – four construction depths), since years aluplast was able to achieve a growth rate that by far exceeds the branch average.


For export purposes we also manufacture windows and doors using other profiles available in the aluplast range, like renovation profiles, historic, nord-line or ideal 70 used for the UK. The detailed information about these product is available on demand



Ideal 2000

Modern plastic windows and doors made out of aluplast profiles are a clever investment in the future. IDEAL 2000® is the most substantial 2-4-chamber system with two levels of sealing and a 60 mm depth.

IDEAL 2000® offers the best possible price-performance ratio and a perfect economic efficiency ...

Ideal 4000

With a 5-6 chamber system, 2 rebate seal levels and a depth of 70mm, the "aluplast-IDEAL 4000®" windows offer excellent thermal insulation properties – a new generation of profiles that satisfy the standards of tomorrow ...

Ideal 7000

A 6-chamber system, 3 levels of sealing and a depth of 80 mm

Modern technology, exceptional stylistics.


The IDEAL 7000® system has been developed from the successful system IDEAL 4000®. With a depth of 80mm, this system offers state-of-the-art window technology and the ultimate in living comfort ..

Ideal 8000

An 8chamber system, 3 levels of sealing and a depth of 85 mm.


The system Ideal 8000 is a new proposal from aluplast, with a design specially focused on improving the thermal and acoustic properties..